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Riya Overview


RIYA is a New York-based clothing brand for sophisticated, savvy women who maintain a unique wardrobe. RIYA offers approachable luxury in a fashion-forward line of handmade garments, featuring traditional Indian sewing and embroidery techniques. Azai Studios was retained to develop the brand’s visual identity, website, content and campaigns.

Riya brand


The RIYA logotype is a custom wordmark that is simple and feminine. The curve in the R is reflected in both stems of the Y, which creates balance. Contrast within the letterforms makes the wordmark feel elegant and fashion-focused.

Wordmark on Tumeric

Wordmark on Tumeric

Wordmark on Indigo

Wordmark on Indigo

R Symbol



Typography - Navigation & Subheaders 

Akzidenz Grotesk BQ Extended was selected to be used in all caps with 100pt tracking for Navigation and Subheaders.


Typography - Headlines 

We chose Freight Big to be used for all major headlines. It may be used for smaller subheaders or as a serif alternative for body copy, but this should be done sparingly.





Typography - Body Copy 

oderat was the typeface selected for body copy. It was only used in Regular and Bold weights in order to maintain contrast & hierarchy.

Color Palette


Custom Patterns 




Website Homepage Mockup

Website Homepage Mockup

Website product detail page 

Website product detail page